105% Residential Financing – In Today’s Housing Market…

Well, today after sitting through our routine mortgage lending and banking meeting, at 9:00am – I find that all the idea’s you could imagine possible in lending now exist.

So, can you believe  this:- The new mortgage guideline(s) put into print by our government Stimulus Package; will allow,  you  – to recapture some of your equity lost through refinancing at a lower rate. How?

Well, if you have made consistent payments on your home loan for the past year with maybe one late payment – this will apply to you. 

Say that your current mortgage rate is above 5.5% APR and you need some financial relief being that the incomes and credit standings in your home have lessened; or you have tried to refinance and do to the banking guideline(s) it was made difficult do to a lower credit scoring; or your house sits in one the few depressed markets and your values has decreased, yet you have mortgage insurance suited for the past loan value; even better, you have a second on your home and it is a little tough keeping with the payment(s)…

The NEW Stimulus Package – says; being so, I am the candidate eligible to refinance/purchase and straighten up my lending turmoils…

The government has put into place a mortgage plan that will allow me to make the necessary adjustments in my lending based upon our economic, credit and/or equity standings. Well, all the government bank lending and/or bailouts have arrived at your door step. Through its TARP support of our national banking institutions those funds have been allowed with purpose through the government to negotiate with the banks to directly or indirectly give relief to many existing home owner(s); and/or future home owner(s) by lowering the mortgage rates and losening up the lending guideline(s)…

Home Owner(s) and Home Purchasing Prospect wanting to Buy (Buy NOW and find a low rate), your time has arrived… Refinance up too..105% of your current market value.. If you have current mortgage insurance it will remain at the standard issuance; and if you do not have mortgage insurance it will not be applied. This is – HOME AFFORDABLE PROGRAM!!!

Let’s work together – Today…  Do not hesitate – give me a call; then get your item(s) to Close put together?

Calvin Kyles, Mortgage Broker                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sunset Mortgage Co                                                                        www.sunsetmortgageco.com                                                                                       ReferralCode:482                                                                                                                                                 503-975-2769 Direct  503-972-2719 Desk                                       ckyles@mtglender.com

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