Hello… I have worked in the lending industry for over 20 years, with my home mortgage or commercial lending expertise and relationship extending over the last five of those years. I have work in several fields of customer service and can honestly say that they did not give the same appreciation as that of being a personal banker/broker. Today, I am truly appreciative in the profession chosen and respect those I have been able to help along the way. Through the challenges and investment opportunities it is always a new and exciting experience; I ask that you have patience and that we communicate when question(s) arise. Even if it’s just for the ease, in understanding the process, make the call! As a mortgage broker, the goal is that I insure every client is spoken to or there application received gets the results deserved. It all begins with clear and honest communication: More so, that as the client you deliver the necessary information or documents needed, in a timely manner. Lending is second nature – as my first is in building the lasting relationship. Then saying: “We all have traveled down this very road before…”
Being informed of the current Rate Programs, Lender Guideline(s), and communicating what with every client are the ideal benefits. Those benefits – if applied, to every client upfront that is what makes the beef of a Broker and there services provided. From there it’s a matter of trust in knowing that you will get to where you need to be, in a timely manner.

Let’s have an email or phone conversation about your goals. It will allow for us to see – if, we are a good match in working together. If so, then let’s move forward… Thank you for stopping by and contacting me – TODAY!

Apply online: www.sunsetmortgageco.com Referral Source Code 482

Make use of this secure site. It is totally, a password protected sight…

Well, let’s get away from the in’s and out’s of what I do. For your delight – Calvin is a very proud husband with a wonderful wife and two (2) great kids… The priority in my life is awaking to the most beautiful women that a man could ever meet and marry.

Maria! She is what has allowed me to evolve into that difference any man could ever make in his life and community. My involvement(s) stem from the encouragement and passion she has saw and enticed with motivation that others have the opportunity in experiencing. Yes, helping people and motivating is that which we complete as a couple! Now with eight (8) years as a couple and six (6) years married – we have two of the best kids anyone could ever imagine:

Calvin Jr and Preston… Yes, we are totally fellows and love to fish and play sports.

Calvin is consider the Lawrence Taylor of CYO Football playing his third season as an offensive guard and defensive tackle raking in the hits and sacks. We are the IRISH!

Preston is the splitting personality of his mother; snappy, type a, and very independent… His motivation is in playing instruments! He is only two and a half (2 1/2) years in age. Let me tell ya, he truly is an event and music planner assembling small shows in our living room. 

Its family and nothing one could ever love any more and/or any deeper! I wish you the best of what the world has to offer you, your family and great circle of influence. Believe me with out them we would not be any better!

Calvin Kyles, Broker

Sunset Mortgage, Co

www.sunsetmortgageco.com Referral Source Code 482

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